About permits

There are many different types of games for money in Sweden these days. We call these games for lotteries. A person’s possibility of winning in these games depends on chance to various extents. Most games take on a physical shape, e.g. buying scratch cards, playing gaming machines, making bets on horses or going to the casino. It has also become more common to gamble online.

The Gambling Authority grants permits

We grant permits for arranging games for money. Every type of game has its own rules and every person who arranges a lottery is granted a permit by the conditions which apply to this specific person.

The government also grants permits

Some games are granted their permits by the government. This applies to all games which are arranged by Svenska Spel, including Casino Cosmopol and the ‘Vegas’ gaming machines. ATG and the Debt Offices premium bonds are also granted their permits by the government. 

Type approval is required

All sealed lottery tickets as well as bingo boards which are used in lotteries require a certain permit; they need to be type approved. This also applies to technical equipment used for stakes, drawing of prizes or monitoring of true lotteries and bingo games.

Lottery tickets and technical equipment need to fulfil our conditions for type approval. The National Forensic Centre (NFC), or corresponding authority in other countries, makes sure that our conditions are met.